Conda Env Vars

Quick gist to setup conda env variables

I try to keep virtualenv and conda going to ensure I stay versed in both virtual environment methodologies. In virtualenv I can simply modify the script located in $PATH/bin/activate where$PATH is the path to the virtual environment I’m working on. However, the process in conda is a little more involved (but also straightforward, as all things conda seem to be).

Create activate / deactivate directories

If $PATH is the directory for the conda environment, let’s use for example, my_env. So:

$ echo $PATH

I would now want to follow the guidance provided on this stackoverflow post, where we need to create the two following directories:

$ cd PATH
$ mkdir -p ./etc/conda/activate.d
$ mkdir -p ./etc/conda/deactivate.d

Create the files

$ touch ./etc/conda/activate.d/
$ touch ./etc/conda/deactivate.d/

Populate the files

./etc/conda/activate.d/ <File>


export MY_KEY='secret-key-value'
export MY_FILE=/path/to/my/file/

./etc/conda/deactivate.d/ <File>


unset MY_KEY
unset MY_FILE


  1. Mike Palmer

    In some lines of your instructions aboce you wrote “deactivate/” when you meant “deactivate.d/”.

    Thanks for your help!

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